Insights for busy executives

With FOUNDATION’s Executive Dashboard, you have immediate access to simple graphs and charts for a high-level job costing overview while at the same time being able to drill down to the transaction level when you need more information, so the data you need to run your business will always be just a click away.

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Executive Dashboard Overview

Up-to-Date Job Costs for Quick Decisions

Information is the currency of a successful business. So how do you keep your key people in the know?

The Executive Dashboard doesn’t just give you access to financial statements; it also provides you with crucial job costing data. That means that executives and project managers can easily analyze the progress of jobs and quickly get the information they need to make prompt, effective decisions.

The Tool Your Project Managers Need

The Executive Dashboard is also an invaluable tool for your project managers. PMs can access percent complete and estimated vs. actual charts or see the latest change orders and cash flow for their jobs. And because FOUNDATION comes with built-in security settings for project managers, data from jobs they don’t oversee are hidden from their view

Interactive Reports that Drill Down to the Source

Graphs and bar charts can be the best way to interpret information quickly. But what happens when you need more details?

The Executive Dashboard is more than a static series of reports. You can click on its built-in charts and graphs to drill down to the numbers behind them and get straight to the source.

Pictures Are Worth A Thousand Words

Wouldn’t it be great if your construction accounting software could give you an instant snapshot of your company’s financials? With the Executive Dashboard, your company’s financial data is transformed into easy-to-read graphs and charts.

Income statements, cash flow reports, aging reports and more are presented in simple, colorful dashboards, so you can get an accurate and quick snapshot of your company’s finances.

You Choose The Angles

The big picture can tell you a lot, but sometimes the details you really need are hidden in the background.

Our dashboard filters let you focus on specific jobs, types of jobs or even certain project managers. So you can look at your data from different angles and get meaningful answers about what’s happening at your company.