A strong heart at the center of your accounting

With 30 years of experience in construction accounting software, we’ve given FOUNDATION the most robust General Ledger Module in the industry. So as your construction company grows, you’ll know you have accounting software you can rely on to grow with you.

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General Ledger Overview

Flexible Fiscal Periods, No Hard Closes

In FOUNDATION you’re never forced to perform a hard close. Instead, you have complete flexibility when it comes to determining your fiscal periods, and you decide when users are allowed to post to them, making for easy transitions to new fiscal periods.

Audit Trails Your CPA Will Appreciate

Above everything else, FOUNDATION is built on solid accounting principles. All posting logs and registers are given unique identifiers, so you can maintain a full audit trail for every transaction, every reversal, every correction.

When you’re auditing accounts, FOUNDATION makes it easy to drill down to the transaction level, so you can always get straight to the source.

Generate Required Reports Quickly and Easily

FOUNDATION has all the financial reports you’d expect from industry-leading construction accounting software—from financial standards like the Trial Balance to the construction-specific Over/Under Billing Report.

At the same time, your company is unique, which is why our financial statements are customizable. It’s also why we created our innovative G/L FinancialGenie™, where you can create the reports you need, exactly the way you need them.

Oversee Multiple Divisions or Companies

Whether you have one company or ten, FOUNDATION can handle your accounting needs. Our General Ledger allows an unlimited number of divisions and multiple levels of divisionalization, allowing you to analyze the numerous profit centers with your company.

FOUNDATION keeps things just as simple if you have multiple companies. You can manage each company’s financials separately, then use our Consolidated General Ledger Module to see consolidated statements for the whole organization.