About Finvari

Finvari is the first, fully integrated corporate card and expense management platform built for construction. The platform eliminates the tedious task of submitting expense reports and its direct, real-time integration with FOUNDATION® ensures your data is always synchronized.

Finvari’s Solution

Make expenses easy with:

  • Mobile alerts when an employee uses their card, allowing them to code the expense, attach receipts and fully submit
  • Automatic filtering of GL, job, phase and expense codes so employees only see those that are relevant to them
  • Dynamic and granular spend controls for each card, which can be based on seniority, role, merchant category, monthly/weekly/daily spend, online or international purchases.

Benefits of Integration

The Finvari and FOUNDATION integration allows expense management to fit seamlessly into your existing workflows. Filter expenses by FOUNDATION-specific codes like cost class and divisions. Once coded, easily import expenses into FOUNDATION’s Accounts Payable Module where all information remains with each expense, including coding, merchant and any comments from the card holder or approvers. You can also turn on advanced features that enable Finvari to match vendors from expenses to vendors in FOUNDATION.


With Finvari, there’s no more manual data entry, missing paper receipts, or incorrect job, phase, and expense codes.

The Finvari platform is free – there are no implementation or per-user fees, and no monthly subscriptions.

The Finvari card is issued by Sutton Bank, pursuant to a license from Mastercard International Inc.


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