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Procore Project Management

From one convenient dashboard, FOUNDATION® and Procore® clients can seamlessly share data between systems, including:

  • Budgets
  • Change Orders
  • Direct Costs
  • Vendor Companies
  • Divisions

  • Cost Codes
  • Cost Types
  • Employees
  • Departments
  • PO/Sub

HCSS HeavyBid and HeavyJob

Easily import HCSS HeavyBid estimates with simple and customizable imports — or import timecards, equipment use and job production from HCSS HeavyJob.

  • Create job costed budgets.
  • Set up DOT and unit-price contracts.

  • Reduce manual data entry.
  • Pull job data directly into FOUNDATION.


ProEst Construction Estimating

Combine estimating and job cost accounting with a duo of feature-rich applications designed for your construction business.

  • Create your estimates with ProEst®.
  • Stay on top of possible overruns

  • Convert to budgets with FOUNDATION®.
  • Compare estimate vs. actual reporting.


The Contractors Plan

Connect your FOUNDATION® payroll to benefits administration tools built uniquely for prevailing wage construction contractors.

  • Bona fide fringe benefits
  • Specialized retirement plans

  • Compliance without paperwork
  • Monthly employee statements



Get complete payroll processing and tax filing designed for contractors using your live FOUNDATION® database — no imports or exports required.

  • Checks and direct deposits
  • Tax filing and W-2s.
  • Live support provided by Foundation Software

  • Prevailing wage and union fringes
  • Multi-state payrolls
  • Uses the FOUNDATION mobile® app.



From the creators of FOUNDATION® and, ProjectHQ is a new, standalone project management system built specifically with subcontractors in mind. A single source for total project control.

  • Correspondence & Email Tracking
  • Daily Logs
  • RFIs & Submittals
  • Document Management
  • Contact Management
  • Easy Setup 



WorkMax, a cloud-based platform, collects and shares live field data from one app providing actionable insights into labor, job costs, production, equipment, safety and daily progress reporting. WorkMax:

  • Reduces labor costs with face recognition & GPS
  • Keeps  progress and budget in sync with live labor and production
  • Automates Tool & Equipment tracking & utilization
  • Prompts Safety Forms on Clock In or Out
  • Improves Daily Reporting accuracy with embedded photos
  • Shows only project-specific job costs to field staff based on Foundation’s project cost structure

To learn more, visit

Followup CRM

Followup CRM’S integration with Foundation Software allows users to pass new client information, jobs and pricing information directly into Foundation Software. Preventing duplicate entry and potential accounting mistakes!

  • Manage Leads
  • Track Bids
  • Manage Client Communication
  • Historical Data
  • Quickly Generate Reports
  • Compare Gross Margin Estimates


Streamline your field operations and collect better jobsite data with Raken. The mobile app is easy for anyone to use—no training required. Using a tool like Raken that’s built for the field ensures the office receives more thorough updates in real time. Plus, it integrates directly with FOUNDATION® to streamline payroll and eliminate double entry.  Click here to learn more about Raken.

  • Daily Reports
  • Time Cards
  • Production Tracking
  • Toolbox Talks
  • Safety & Quality Checklists


Reliable.  Easy to Use.  Quick to get up and running.
busybusy offers three separate ways to track time, while also managing job site liability. 1) Employees can individually clock in & out with Industry-leading GPS.  2) Supervisor Tools allows for Crew Leads & Foremen to clock-in and out their entire crew. They can also update job codes, edit their guys’ time cards and more.  3) Kiosk mode (punch clock) with facial recognition allows everyone to clock-in and out on one device while also confirming they took their allotted breaks and didn’t have an injury that day.

  • Employee and Equipment Tracking
  • Daily Reports
  • Project-specific & customizable Cost Codes
  • Scheduling
  • Photos & Notes w/ Project & Employee filter options
  • Customizable Clock-in/ Clock-out questions
  • Real-time Budget tracking per project
  • Safety Reports

busybusy comes with a 90-Day, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee to ensure your success.  Learn more at


McCormick Systems

McCormick Systems provides construction estimating and project management software solutions for specialty contractors in all aspects of the Electrical, Plumbing, Mechanical Piping, Transmission & Distribution, and Low Voltage (Automated Building Systems) markets. Whether your company focuses on commercial, industrial, residential or a combination of them all, McCormick’s estimating programs are the most valuable tools in your company. All of McCormick’s estimating packages are designed to suit the one-man shop or the multi-million dollar contractor, and everything in between.

Our fully integrated digital takeoff solution, DEP (Design Estimating Pro), is a complete game changer.  With recent patent pending enhancements, you can have routes and measurements done automatically while the system auto counts symbols on a drawing, producing lightning fast, accurate, estimates!    Offering 4 levels of estimating programs, plus single or true multiuser options, complete with DEP, McCormick can ensure we will provide the perfect product to meet and exceed your company’s needs.

We also liked the user-friendly format, the complete integration between modules, and how it easily integrates with external interfaces

— Dale Winters, VP, HTH Companies, Inc.

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